Make Your Life Full of Joy & Happiness With Venus Planet

The planet Venus is connected to the Friday,a fifth day of the week. Venus is called Shukra Hindi and Friday as Shukrawaar because of that association.

Venus, the planet of beautifulness and the symbol of love, is the shinging planet in the sky visible with the naked eye. It is the second planet closest to the sun after Mercury.

According to Vedic texts, It also known as  shukracharya . In holy books it is said to the teacher of the Asurs  . He is also the head master of pranayam and knows the mantra Sanjeevani (a formula that can be used to resurrect the dead).

Venus blesses the natives under their influence with him. Astrologically Venus governs the second and seventh zodiac sign Libra and Taurus. It is grown in Pisces and weakened in the sign of Virgo. Venus is has the characteristics of Cosmic poets, musicians, artists, animators and charming

Basically, the planet Venus is shows the degree of affection, polyphony, beauty and lavishness, Venus is considered as the planet that helps us to present an attractive and refined shape for our self to the outside of world. In astrology is considered as the second best planet after Jupiter. In jyotish, Venus gives the internal sense to praise the beauty and respect the God’s creation.

Venus boosts the morale to fall in love and spread it, and finally realize to us that there is not powerful thing as compared to Love in this universe. In addition to this, this planet tend to fill our life with laugh, warmth, affection, love, understanding, beautifulness and such properties reflects the nature of Venus.It is the strong token of bonds and relationship between humans. Thus, it is the responsible for all gist of heart like love,romance,attraction,compassion,pleasures,gladness and sex.

Venus, reason of relationship, which is known for creating reciprocal feelings of comfort and trust between people. Venus is a responsible to make men and women fall in love which reminds to world that we all are result of its blessing who close to people.

We advise you to do the following to strengthen the Venus in your kundali.

  • Pray to Goddess Lakshmi with proper manners on every Friday.
  • Worship to Maa Durga during weak period of Venus in your Kundali
  • Distribute gifts to young girls on Friday
  • Always respect women to enhance positive influence of Venus.